Ruckstuhl. E-commerce evolution

Ruckstuhl. E-commerce evolution

Ruckstuhl Premium design carpets since 1881

Ruckstuhl is a Swiss company founded 125 years ago that has been faithful to its principles of design excellence and commitment to ethic production. Ruckstuhl offers the highest quality in the production of design carpets and rugs to dress the floors of companies, institutions, and public and private spaces around the world.

Our work has focused on communicating the essential values of the brand through the web and E-commerce. Our idea when designing Ruckstuhl digital platforms was inspired by the Swiss style, we applied the ideas of order and simplicity using the white space to highlight some products that distill quality and style.

“In essence, it is not what it looks like but what it does that defines a symbol”

Starting point

Since 1881 Ruckstuhl have consolidated a product and a luxiry brand recognized globally. At the time of having a digital presence they had also been pioneers with an e-commerce system that operated mainly as a catalog. The problem is that over time the system had become obsolete at the level of design, accessibility and usability.

Ruckstuhl. E-commerce evolution

Design and bespoke development

Ruckstuhl offers samples of most of its products to professionals around the world, while certain products belonging to special collections and which are collaborations of some of the world’s most prestigious designers are only sold directly in some countries.

We have renewed the digital branding of Ruckstuhl, designed and developed a multi-language and geographically segmented E-commerce system that allows an absolutely efficient product and content management to simplify the work of the company and create the best experience for users.

Currently Ruckstuhl has a fully flexible E-commerce to adapt to the nature of the product, with the ability to segment its traffic by geographical areas and show only the products that the company wants to offer in each of the countries in which it operates , Regardless of access to the catalog and the samples available globally.


Ruckstuhl. E-commerce evolution


In addition to the design and production of the website and E-commerce our digital Agency are offering advice on digital strategy, content management and SEO optimization.

Now Ruckstuhl has a more operative platform that reduces costs in working hours for its simplicity and the ease of managing the contents and the catalog of products.

It has also been a pleasure to work with Jose Aranda from Enblanc and Victor Carrasco head designer of Viccarbe whom develop the Art direction.

We combine digital design and strategy with the aim of creating a perfectly cohesive brand image in on and offline channels.

Although the best way to see the result is to visit the Ruckstuhl website. Feel The icon!

Ruckstuhl. E-commerce evolution

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