Silver Laus 2017 promotional website

Silver Laus 2017 promotional website
“Underground Culture", an interactive experience full of references to popular culture”

The interactive experience for Lois Aw16 won Laus Silver 2017 award in the category of promotional website.

The Jury of the Laus 2017 has recognized the formal and conceptual quality, functionality, contribution and excellence of this interactive experience.

We create the experience design, user interface (UX / UI) and interaction design (IxD). Through a tailor made development to emphasize three main axes, interactivity, color and sound in this underground tour.

We create a custom navigation system, where the user is the viewer who through the interaction is discovering a whole world of references to the Underground movement and popular culture.

These interactive experiences for which Lois has bet so far bring a unique value to the brand, positioning it globally at the top of the denim sector.

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