LEGO Serious Play for Andrea

After almost a year working on Andrea App, our own social innovation project that excites us a lot, we decided to hold a LEGO Serious Play session internally for Andrea, a dynamic that aimed to strengthen the involvement of the whole team, facilitate reflection, communication and problem solving.

LEGO Serious Play for Andrea
LEGO Serious Play for Andrea

The project

Andrea is a digital product that helps combat bullying and cyberbullying, aimed at schools and municipalities, and whose objective is to improve school coexistence. A powerful tool to facilitate mediation work consisting of an App to combat bullying and a digital platform, aimed at male and female students and education professionals respectively.

The need

This seminar helped us to think about the status of the project, lift the gas pedal and reflect productively on Andrea and her future. In this project, directly or indirectly, the entire studio, managers, designers, developers and marketing have participated, so we all had a fairly well-founded context of what the project is.

This method is very useful for any organization in complex contexts, and improve decision-making through the participation and involvement of managers and teams.

LEGO Serious Play for Andrea

The result

The dynamic was a success. Each of the 10 participants enjoyed the experience, getting out of our routine and co-creating the future and the path of Andrea.

“Through LSP we wanted to extract insights that, because we were very focused on our strategic plan, we were not seeing.”
LEGO Serious Play for Andrea


Currently we have managed to verify some of the fundamental aspects about which Andrea can become. We will continue working through various techniques and upcoming sessions to continue improving and scaling the Andrea project.

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