An App to combat bullying. Andrea


Andrea, a tool against bullying

Andrea is an App that helps improve coexistence and prevent bullying, aimed at students and professionals in education. An anonymous communication tool for educational centers as well as for City Councils and municipalities.

Andrea App has been created by Nectar with the support of the City Council of Valencia and subsidized in its program of aid for social innovation projects.



What we did

Naming. Brand Design. Web design and development Illustration. UX / UI design. Mobile app.


A brand for a social innovation project

Andrea, a close, simple and human naming that empathizes with the project, and a clear and powerful brand, adaptable to any application.

“A visual communication that exudes freshness and movement”

Illustrations that educate and sensitize

We wanted Andrea to be close, communicate and raise awareness about coexistence and bullying. And what better way than through the illustration.

A great study of styles and characters, and as a result a set of illustrations that generated the Andrea universe and that will finally gain prominence in the visual communication of the brand.


A clear and didactic website

Online communication is a key element when communicating a digital product such as Andrea App.

The objective we pursued was to communicate what, how and why of the project in the most synthetic and didactic way possible, offering the user an attractive storytelling with visual and interactive content.

“Facilitate anonymous communication to make the problem visible”

Andrea App, a mediation tool

Andrea App allows both victims and observers the ability to create alerts and chats anonymously. Alerts related to coexistence, bullying or cyberbullying, which are attended by professionals, through a chat, respecting the anonymity of both parties.


With the support of the City Council of Valencia

Andrea is a project carried out with the support of the City Council of Valencia, through the program of aid for social innovation projects.



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