AR/VR and 360º video. B2B tools with an immense potential

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Are terms that sometimes are confused.

We usually see and hear these terms in different contexts, such as articles and advertisements, and many times we think that it is not entirely clear. In this post we will define these concepts by studying their application through some projects.

“VR and AR. Key to innovation and competitiveness in B2B”
AR/VR and 360º video. B2B tools with an immense potential

Jeanologia VR. Applying Virtual Reality to the B2B environment

Usually virtual reality refers to a computer generated immersive content, that replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence in a real or imaginary environment allowing the user to interact with this environment through some devices such.

Jeanologia VR is key within the B2B strategy of the company.

In this project developed with Unreal Engine, a standard technology in videogames development, cinematography and creation of virtual experiences.

At this moment, thanks to the advance of the VR technology, the development of VR experiences is surprisingly affordable.

AR/VR and 360º video. B2B tools with an immense potential

Based on the specifications of Jeanologia we generate a virtual environment, which reproduces and explains in detail the operations of one of the company’s industrial centers.Jeanologia VR is a perfect commercial tool that has already traveled to several international fairs and at the moment is currently available to the company’s clients.

We have integrated some interactive elements, with the space, this interactive elements offer us contextual information about the processes and the advantages of integrating Jeanologia’s technology.

“A b2b tool with immense potential”

Invite to the potential customers to enter in an environment that reproduces spaces and processes allows you to display complex functionalities and concepts in a totally immersive way.

This is one of the reasons to invest in the development of virtual reality. These virtual experiences can provide valuable information to potential customers of companies.

A VR Experience is a fantastic tool when you are teaching processes, showing spaces, or designing educative tools.

The explanation is the following. When we introduce ourselves in a virtual environment, in which, for example, all the processes of a complex machine are shown, the cognitive distance of understanding an explanation, it is significantly reduced, making the learning experience a more direct process.

“Virtual Reality becomes a powerful sales tool”
AR/VR and 360º video. B2B tools with an immense potential

12 Years of Nectar. Combining VR with 360º Video

360º videos are video recordings in the real world where the vision in each direction is recorded at the same time. During playback the viewer has control of the point of view.

In these videos we can have two versions, one where there is no interaction the user only can vary the point of view, or another in which they can be processed to insert virtual and interactive elements, offering not only an experience in which the user can change the point of view, but interact with various elements.

An example of the combination of these technologies, 360 video and Virtual Reality. is our virtual catalog project for the exhibition with which we celebrated our first 12 years as a digital agency. For the development of this experience we combine 360 ​​video with the integration of interactive content and development in the A-frame Framework.

This experience perfectly combines the 360 ​​video with interactive elements integrated in the space as the personalized information of each of the works exhibited in the exhibition.

These experiences are perfect for developing virtual catalogs and enrich the reality perceived by the people. In addition, thanks to current technology, the production of experiences of this type is relatively accessible.

“Mixing Virtual Reality with 360º Video generates spectacular projects”

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality takes us a step further and offers us a direct or indirect view of a real world environment in which its elements have been, complemented, enhanced or supplemented by elements integrated by computing, these elements can be sound, video, graphics, positioning data, interactive elements, etc …

An extreme example of these applications is showed in this amazing audiovisual piece developed by the video artist Keiichi Matsuda.

“Augmented Reality. Definitely represents the future of companies and institutions”

Now is the perfect moment to invest in AR and VR and the potential of 360º video to create true immersive experiences, digital catalogs and environments that represent future processes and spaces.

Are you ready for VR and AR?

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