Culture, museums and digital transformation, MuVIM / Mascarare

MuVIM is not just a museum, but it’s a cultural expression that transcends physical expression and adapts to today’s technological world. Especially in these times of pandemic, MuVIM is committed to digital transformation with purely digital exhibitions related to COVID-19, such as its Mascarare exhibition.

Culture, museums and digital transformation, MuVIM / Mascarare

Who is the MuVIM?

The MuVIM or Museu Valencià de la Il·lustració i de la Modernitat is a design museum in Valencia that deals with ideas from the modern and current world. It focuses on the revolution of ideas in the mind and how they have the power to change the world.

Culture, museums and digital transformation, MuVIM / Mascarare

New paradigm: from physical culture to its digital transformation

Can you imagine changing the world for the better with a simple idea? But, how to make it reach all possible people? The change in the paradigm of consumption at the cultural level has undergone a transformation from the physical to the digital. For this reason, MuVIM bets not only on hybrid culture combining the physical with the technological, but also opts to share and create some of its exhibitions on a digital level, thus representing its values ​​by adapting to the modern world.

In fact, among his exhibitions in Valencia, his Permanent Exhibition stands out, which does not contain objects or explanatory texts, but is guided by new technologies, achieving a more sensory experience that reaches an emotional level.

Culture, museums and digital transformation, MuVIM / Mascarare

Mascarare exhibition

In this situation that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, MuVIM has decided to adapt to this new normal by launching a virtual exhibition whose axis is one of the most popular products of the moment: masks.

The Mascarare project consists of proposing to various artists to make designs on their own masks and send a photograph with it on to MuVIM, thus creating an artistic representation of this symbol of the pandemic.

Culture, museums and digital transformation, MuVIM / Mascarare

In addition, Mascarare has written reflections from critics and journalists on the health situation and the new normal, focusing on masks.

Altogether, a virtual exhibition on the new normal has been constituted that serves as an intellectual, social and emotional reflection on the fragility of the human being. A collaborative project that continues to add new creations every day by artists and all kinds of contributors.

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