REALE. Conversion Centred Design

Reale is one of the most traditional insurance companies in the world, an insurance company that offers all types of insurance.

“Familiar instinct” Is an innovative life insurance that insures your children from the moment of fertilization. This product is focused on millennials and the company  wants to go beyond away from the typical campaigns of this type of products.

We work perfectly coordinated with Reale’s marketing team to create the perfect landing page for their product.

“Bespoke Conversion Centered design, able of transmitting lots of emotions”

We design and develop a perfect landing page to launch the campaig through different channels, Adwords campaigns of RRSS, Newsletters ann other company digital channels.

For this campaign we elaborate the creative concept, copys and design. We start from an idea based on a futuristic fiction but after a series of tests with different users, we chose to elaborate texts based on a series of situations with which we can identified “personas” who can acquire this product.

REALE. Conversion Centred Design

Simple design with fluid micro-interactions and emotive images. Regarding to conversion in the entire landing we can find some CTA buttons that contrast perfectly with the rest of the design.

When a person clicks on a CTA a conversational form is activated, this kind of forms increases the conversion and manages to gamify the entry of data. this forms favors the conversion which is the main goal of a Conversion centered Design Page.

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