thinkSPAIN. A new face for a reference portal

thinkSPAIN is the property and reference information portal for EU and non-EU citizens interested in Spain.

A huge database dedicated to various sectors, with a very heterogeneous visitor profile and a massive traffic of millions of annual visits, urgently needed a restyling.

At Nectar we’ve worked hard to turn an obsolete system and confusing interface into a fantastic search experience.

“Valuable information is not enough if it is not presented with the best UX/UI”
thinkSPAIN. A new face for a reference portal

In the past versión thinkSPAIN offered a confusing user experience and the design of its interface was obsolete. thinkSPAIN relied on us for the restyling and development of a new user interface able to offer an intuitive and fantastic user experience.

Our obsession with the thinkspain project was to improve usability and user experience while maintaining all the features that have made thinkSPAIN a real estate reference portal.

We wanted to boost the online presence of thinkSPAIN especially on mobile devices, where navigation was especially complicated. We have especially taken care of the responsive development so that the search and the presentation of the content is completely intuitive in any device and operating system.

“We wanted to enhance thinkSPAIN's mobile experience with special attention to responsive development”
thinkSPAIN. A new face for a reference portal
“A very dated reference portal is now an example of UX / UI design”
thinkSPAIN. A new face for a reference portal

We have designed a user interface where the custom designed icons expresses in an absolutely clear the categories of the site.

We bet on a slightly saturated image treatment to  boost the suser interface and a chromatic range based on a complementary color scheme to emphasize the calls to action through the contrast.

Key aspects of these project are the design of the user interface and custom development of the frontend in order to control to the minimum detail the user experience.

The result of this project has been to meke a radical U-turn transforming a confusing, complex and outdated system into a fantastic user experience.

We have been able to increase the time on page and increase the number of visitors from mobile devices, which makes thinkSPAIN a reference real estate portal, and also a valuable space for advertisers.

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