VR Virtual Reality & AR

You can use the latest VR technology and the potential of 360 video to create true immersive experiences with great appeal for presentations, corporate videos, advertising spots, educational material or viral content.

Now it´s time to integrate the technology of virtual reality and 360 video to your communication strategy. Make yourself different by going one step further.

“We create bespoke and immersive experiences through VR and 360 video Let people immerse in your project!”

VR Virtual Reality

We use the latest technology in VR (Virtual Reality) to perform simulations, virtual scenes or recreation of scenarios, for have been working for companies and institutions.

We perform modeling, texturing, lighting, scene animation, also we program authentic interactive experiences.

360 Video

Do you have something to teach, something to communicate? Do it with a 360º video Offer to the people interested in your project an unforgettable experience. In Nectar estudio we can take care of everything.

Conceptualization, script, production, integration in different digital platforms and marketing strategy for the content of your 360º videos.

Video & Motion Graphics

We are specialists in graphic animation, (Motion Graphics), for the presentation of your product or company in an attractive way. We make corporate videos, advertising spots, music videos, and the ability to combine Motion Graphics and VR experiences.

Your imagination is the limit.

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