10 years of digital branding. Lois Jeans 2006-2016

Lois Jeans

A decade of fashion

Lois Jeans is a fashion company that has positioned as one of the leading denim brands globally due in part to its digital branding strategy.Since 2006 we have been creating the digital identity of Lois Jeans. In 2016 after millions of visitors, 20 interactive campaigns and dozens of awards, we are still creating trends together.


LTM-Melophone. Lois Jeans

What we did

Interactive campaigns. Digital branding consultancy. Art direction. Web design. UX / UI. Development.

Lois Jeans

Challenge every season

We have positioned Lois Jeans among the most recognizable denim brands in the world, strengthening its identity through the cutting-edge interactive experiences.

We treat every campaign as the gateway to showcase their creations always using the same pattern. "Haute Couture design" and creative and amazing user experiences that invites you to discover what will be the next surprise

“An interactive showcase with its own personality for each season since                          2006”

Awesome digital branding

10 years of work creating amazing user experiences and custom design have enabled us to win almost dozens of honours.

Lois interactive experiences have been rewarded with over 20 awards in national and international competitions. Lois is one of the most recognized brands of the Spanish fashion industry.

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Awards and

3 Site of the day
6 Honorable mention


2 Site of the day
1 Shortlist


2 Plata
1 Bronce

Red Dot

1 Red Dot Award

Awards and mentions

Red Dot Award WinnerRed Dot AwardsLois Jeans / SS 2015
Premio ADCV OroPremios ADCVLois Jeans / SS 2015
Laus PlataPremios LausLois Jeans / AW 2016
Honorable mentionAwwwardsLois Jeans / AW 2016
Honorable mentionAwwwardsReflections / SS 2016
Laus PlataPremios LausLois Jeans / AW 2014
Laus BroncePremios LausLois Jeans / SS 2015
Honorable mentionAwwwardsLois Jeans / SS 2015
Premios ADCV OroADCVLois Jeans / AW 2014
Honorable mentionAwwwardsLois Jeans / AW 2014
ShortlistFWALois Jeans official website 2014
Site of the dayCSS AwardsLois Jeans official website 2014
Site du JourFrench design indexLois Jeans official website 2014
Site du JourFrench design indexLois Jeans / AW 2014
Lluna de Bronce 2014Festival la llunaTake the Risk / AW 2013
Site of the dayAwwwardsTake the Risk / AW 2013
Honorable mentionAwwwardsTake the Risk / AW 2013
Site of the dayFWATake the Risk / AW 2013
Site of the dayCSS AwardsColour Your Life / SS 2013
Site of the dayAwwwardsColour Your Life / SS 2013
Site of the dayFWAColour Your Life / SS 2013
Site du JourFrench design indexColour Your Life / SS 2013
Site of the the dayCSS Design awards50th Anniversary / SS 2012
Site of the dayAwwwards50th Anniversary / SS 2012
Lluna de Plata 2012Festival la lluna50th Anniversary / SS 2012
Mejor web de empresaPremios Las ProvinciasLois Jeans / AW 2011
ADCV. OroADCVThe Love Revolution / AW 2010
Site of the dayDope awardsAll you need is Lois / SS 2008


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