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Security from another point of view

Intrasenze is a Swedish company whose primary objective is to develop solutions in the field of security to generate a profit in society. We have provided the digital environment to convey the idea of intrasenze designing the corporate website and developing the e-commerce. Our challenge was to communicate in a clear way the various solutions offered by Intrasenze and reflect the concept of social network deicated to improve the safety of people.



What we did

Web and E-commerce design and development, UX / UI Information arquitecture


From idea to design

The goal was to communicate the idea of safer communities with a digital identity and an interactive experience able to create commitment and encourage people to join the Intrasenze network

We designed a bespoke visual identity, custom icons and the microinteractions wich explainins the operation of the plattform. To improve the UX of the web and provide a pleasant experience the site uses "Z-pattern", one of the ways in which people scan information in digital environments.

Web design

Designed to thrill

We create a new paradigm focused on the welfare of people, based on a radical transformation of the visual language of security companies..

A web designed to transmit the feeling of being safe in a trusted environment. We made extensive use of photographs and videos that can cause an emotional response in users, we also chose a color palette dominated by warm colors that evokes familiarity to convey a sense of security based on social interactions.


Design that works

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