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(Español) Mesa redonda: El diseño gráfico como cultura visual.

Barreira design week.

On the 29th we were invited to participate in the round table. Graphic design and visual culture of the #BarreiraDays in Graphic Design Week.

This series of lectures and conferences, organized by the Academy Barreira, are a fantastic opportunity to take the pulse of current graphic design scene.

In this event we are represented by Javier La Casta, which contrasted opinions and views with comrades as Xavi Calvo or Kike Corretcher from Menta Study and Filmac and Gallén & Ibañez

The theme of this round table is the influence of visual culture in the world of graphic design, and we speak from our experience as creative and application designers and digital products.

These events organized by Barreira, will take place during the week from 22 to 29 April and aim to create a space for debate on the state and future of graphic design from various approaches ranging from graphic activism to design interfaces and user experiences for interactive applications.

Again thank Barreira creating this space for debate.

Sure Barreira back of Days with great taste and new ideas.

Here you have all the information Graphic Design week. Do not miss it!