Courses, Workshops and Training

  • Web Design / UX / Usability

    We offer courses geared exclusively to web design, interface design, user experience (UX - user experience), usability and accessibility.

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript

    The latest in web programming languages ​​to start developing in HTML5, CSS3 stylesheets use and learn the many possibilities of Javascript and JQuery.

  • CMS / Frameworks

    Know the content management (CMS) and most relevant frameworks for web 2.0, learn to work with them and see all the possibilities of WordPress, Magento, etc.

  • SEO / SEM / Web Analytics

    Learn how to optimize your site and position in the search engines through SEO, discover different online marketing strategies (SEM) and start using web analytics measure.

“ Every day we train our clients, as well as carry out specific courses and schools, universities or institutions. ”

Every day we train our clients on their projects e-commerce, web, SEO, online obtaining higher performance and adapting to new technologies.

We also carry out specific courses and as companies, universities or institutions. We taught at the School of Art and Design in Valencia (EASDV), School of Art and Design of Castellón (EASDC), College of Arts and Technology Valencia (ESAT) and Prince Felipe Museum.

We focus on education, innovation and knowledge of new technologies, and so we devised and created PIXEL ATTACK event, which took place since 2007, a meeting of digital and new media creation that combines lectures, workshops and live acts.