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UX & UI workshop in ESAT

Nectar estudio imparte curso de UX & UI en Esat

Eager started teaching our classes UX & UI (User Experience and Interface Design) in Digital Arts degree / HND Art & Design in the ESAT.

Our goal is to help you improve as a designer of interactive applications through the design of innovative, comfortable and enriching interfaces. Together with our grade students, we will design and implement various applications focusing on improving the experience of their potential users. We will learn to design a responsive website from scratch and also interactive environments for smartwatch and Smart TV. With these classes, our students will learn to present their interactive projects starting empathize with users and thus be able to offer better experiences. This workshop is included within the subject “Interactive Products” which is part of Digital Arts degree / HND in Art & Design of ESAT See you in the classroom! Nectar estudio.